SIM Card Replacement (Swap)

SIM Card Replacement (Swap)


In case a SIM card is lost, stolen and defective or needs to be upgraded, RighTel Subscribers can replace their SIM card.
To replace a SIM card, subscribers may visit Customer Service Centers as well as those sale and services centers whose address are provided on Rightel website.

SIM Card replacement steps (Swap)

1-In case SIM card is lost or stolen, subscribers can use one of the following blocking methods to prevent misuse of the SIM card:

  • Contact RighTel call center of
  • No. of customer services center of RighTel
  • Call 200 from the RighTel SIM Cards
  • Calls 09202000000 from other lines
  • Account Management System

2-Then to obtain a new SIM card please refer to Customer Service Centers or Sale and Services Centers.

Documents and Requirements for SIM Card Replacement


  • Presence of the applicant or his legal counsel
  • Presence of legal representative of the subscriber (to replace the corporate SIM Cards *)
  • Original national ID card or new birth certificate with the National ID of the applicant / lawyer / legal representative
  • the original and a copy of power of attorney (if lawyer is presented)
  • the original title deed
  • Having an active SIM card registered in the subscriber’s name with one of the mobile operators is required in order to receive a one-time authentication code.


* The replacement of corporate SIM Cards is only possible in Customer Service Centers.