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Pay for Me

Pay for me service

Request other RighTel subscribers to pay for your calls.
  • To use this service, subscribers should dial 444 before the destination number and request other person to accept the costs of call. In this case, call receiver is questioned if he/she accepts to pay the cost. If the request is accepted, the call is connected and the cost of call is deducted from the credit of the accepting party or is added to his next bill.
  • This service can be used in emergencies when you have no credit for making urgent call.
  • This service enables families and their children to maintain contact. Children who ran out of airtime can use this service to contact family members.

How to use

This service is enabled by default for RighTel postpaid and prepaid subscribers.


Subscribers can use the service via following ways:

*444* 092xxxxxxxx #

444 092xxxxxxxx

You can select language and manage authorized and unauthorized numbers in pay for me service by dialing *444#


Using this service is free and there is no additional fee for subscribers.

If the destination subscriber receives “Pay for me” call and accept to pay the call cost, the usage will be calculated based on the on-net voice call tariff (70 IRR) and from the Rial Credit.