Ramadan Messenger

‌Ramadan Messenger of RighTel is a valuable collection of contents with Ramadan theme
Due to start of Ramadan, RighTel gives its subscribers possibility of using Ramadan Messenger and have access to a collection of prayers and chanting, reading and interpretation of Quran, TV programs and other attractive religious content, at any time and place.
The advantages of this service include:

  • Access to different video and audio about prays and chanting, reading and interpretation of Quran, Requiem, TV programs, religious contents and the special series for Ramadan
  • High quality of video stream at a rate of 200 kilobits per second to all subscribers with different connection speeds


  • To use Ramadan Messenger service, it is necessary to enable your RighTel data service.
  • Visit ramazan.rightel.ir
  • From the list, select the desired video or audio, click on play, and choose ok.
  • In order to have an easier access, you can bookmark content in your phone or make a shortcut of it on your phone.
  • All subscribers of RighTel using smart phones and tablets can use this service.
  • Note that this service is not available on 3G and dongles modems.


In this service, the subscriber does not pay any cost for visiting ramazan.RighTel.ir . The internet traffic cost is deducted after selecting the program. It costs IRR 50 per megabyte.