Changing prepaid SIM Card to postpaid one

Without change of your SIM Card number
In order to fulfill your needs dear subscriber and diminishing communication expenses as low as possible, and with regard to the fact that RighTel tariffs are the lowest in the country, RighTel has provided the possibility with option to change your prepaid SIM Cards to postpaid ones. There will be no change in your SIM Card number by undergoing such a change, possessing the same 0921 area code.
In the plan for changing a prepaid SIM Card to a postpaid One, you will be able to change your prepaid SIM Card to a postpaid one by paying the price difference between a prepaid SIM Card and a postpaid one.

How to change SIM Card

The possibility of changing a prepaid SIM Card to a postpaid one is provided with the following conditions:

  • Upon changing a prepaid SIM Card to a postpaid one, your Rial balance will be transferred to your new postpaid SIM Card bill on its creditor's column.
  • You cannot change your prepaid SIM Card to a postpaid one if you have purchased and activated packages. In case, however, your prepaid SIM Card has Rial balance, it will be transferred to your new postpaid SIM Card on its creditor's column.
  • Using of Exciting charge for a SIM Card top-up and reaching at the balance limit of 600,000 Rials will not be possible. In the event that balance of the prepaid SIM Card is higher than price difference, this amount will be transferred to the postpaid SIM Card on the creditor's column.

Advantages of Postpaid SIM Cards

Without your prepaid SIM Card's number being changed, you can travel to the planet of postpaid subscription and enjoy following advantages:

  • The lowest tariffs for all services in all over the country (voice call, internet)
  • Top-ups with a limit of 8,000,000 Rials (considering the initial balance of 600,000 Rials)
  • No need to be worried about buying charges and insufficiency of balance
  • Non-reception of promotion SMS
  • Total transparency in bills
  • Activation of the most exciting hybrid internet packages
  • Activation of unlimited packages
  • Online payment of bills

For more information, please visit Postpaid SIM Card page.

How to change the SIM Card type

The possibility of changing prepaid SIM Card type to a postpaid one is provided with referring to account management system:
After entering account management page, go to the changing Prepaid SIM Card type to a Postpaid menu and fill in the blanks with required details. You will be charged for cost difference between Prepaid and Postpaid SIM Cards in your first bill.
It's worth mentioning that there is no possibility of using the exciting charge to increase your account balance and reaching the required credit limit.


  • After traveling to a postpaid subscription, your SIM Card will be subject to all rules and regulations applicable on postpaid SIM Cards. You, subsequently, can purchase and activate all packages & services available for postpaid SIM Cards according to corresponding tariffs.
  • It is possible to change SIM Card type if you pay difference in price between prepaid to postpaid SIM Card and due to the price of postpaid SIM Card that is 1,200,000 Rials, difference payable amount will be 1,000,000 Rials, but at the moment RighTel, while reducing payable amount, will change prepaid SIM Card of subscribers to postpaid one only with the price 600,000 Rials.