Arghavani point plan

RighTel appreciates your accompaniment.
You can earn point with each activity and you are able to participate in the draw of 50 million Tomans and five smartphones with the earned points.

Ways of earning point
Ways of earning point Point
Increasing credit / Bill payment / Direct purchasing of package (for every 1000 Tomans) 1
On time bill payment 2
Installation of application 5
Invite friends to purchase SIM Card (each person) 30
Sign up of Postpaid SIM Card 4
Sign up of Prepaid SIM Card 2
Birthday gift 10

Participate in the RighTel Arghavani draw for free

If you are not a RighTel subscriber, sign up a SIM Card and participate in the draw by receiving a free SIM Card.

  • Social security plan

    In the case of purchasing any of the Internet packages, you will be granted one Prepaid SIM Card with one-year free services, including 2 GB Internet per month, with unlimited on-net voice call.

  • First SIM Card subscribers

    A Prepaid SIM Card with six months free services, including 1GB internet per month, with unlimited on-net voice call.

Ways of point inquiry

*Points will be displayed with maximum 24 hours delay.

Draw time

The draw is based on the earned points on April 24, and it is possible to watch the draw live, via RighTel Instagram rightelpr@ and

Draw prizes

  • 5 Smartphones with SIM Card and 120GB internet for 5 people
  • 50 Million Tomans for one person
  • The basis for participating in the draw is the earned points.
  • Each point is equal to one chance in the draw.
  • The process of the draw and collecting points starts at 00:00 on Wednesday, April 1, and continues until 23:59:59 on Friday, April 22.
  • In the case of increasing credit via credit transfer way, the subscriber is not subject to receiving point.
  • Payment of the bill within two weeks after receiving it (until the 25th of the same month) is subject to receiving the "on time bill payment" points.
  • The draw prize will be granted to the owner of SIM Card.