Rinavaz Service

RighTel subscribers (Postpaid and prepaid) can replace Conventional beep tone, and give your callers the chance of listening to favorite piece of music or the selected song in the waiting time of connection. You can use different types of music ranging from classic, traditional, pop, soundtrack, TV Series, etc., from Rinavaz collection.

A Summary of Services

  • Dedicating one or several Rinavaz songs to a person or a group in determined times.
  • Stopping Rinavaz song for a specific person or group
  • give Rinvaz to other subscribers of RighTel as a gift
  • Recommend your favorite music to RighTel


Rinavaz activation service is as follows:

  • Rinavaz Application
    After installing Rinavaz Application with the registration RighTel number in Software, you can activate your Rinavaz service.
    Due to not supporting of Google service, using of this Rinavaz application version is not possible on devices with Android 4 and lower.
    نرم افزار کاربردی راینواز
    Rinavaz Application

    Download via Google Play
  • Privacy Policy
    The Rinavaz app is a complete collection of RighTel Rinavaz that has been formally developed and implemented by RighTel Company. With the help of this app, you can access to full archive of RighTel Rinavaz and find your favorite song easily.
    1. Sharing data
      We never share your data with anyone and confidentiality is one of our promises which never breaks.
    2. Storing data
      Rinavaz only stores the data it needs to function properly and provide the reliable service.
    3. Contacts
      Rinavaz uses phone numbers as unique identifiers and we ask your permission before syncing your contacts. It is your right to keep your contact number confidential.
    4. Update mechanism
      Upon releasing any new version, the update will be automatically available to our users and never distract our users.
  • Account Management System
    To register Rinavaz service, refer to Account Management System (e-care) and activate the Rinavaz service in "My Products". After receiving the activation SMS containing the password refer to Rinavaz portal and enjoy the service.
  • SMS system
    You can also send "ON RBT" to 2020 SMS service and active your Rinavaz.


The cost of purchasing each Rinavaz Song is maximum IRR 3,000 and this amount is paid for using this service for a specific period of time. There will be no monthly, activation and change of settings costs for the subscribers.
The cost of purchasing Rinavaz is deducted from credit of prepaid subscribers and for postpaid subscribers, it will be added to their bill.

Note: each Rinavaz is valid for a period of 30 days. If the subscribers do not take any action to terminate Rinavaz at the end of each period, it will be extended for another period.

For more information, please refer to Rinavaz Manual.


- 3 quarter gold coin

  • Gole Bita Album of Morteza Pashayi
  • Sedaye To – Code 100578
  • Parande – Code 100586
  • Akharin Ghazal – Code 100591
  • Ham Geryeh – Code 100584
  • And other songs of Gole Bita Album
Lottery is held from November 9, to December 11

One quarter gold coin

  • A single happy song
  • Khodaya / Rouzegar – Code 13015
  • Khodaya Chera Ashegh Shod Mohtashami – Code 1308
  • Donyaye Man / Abtin – Code 130104
  • In Che Hesie / Pakzad – Code 1301
  • Madyounam / Jahan – Code 130301
Lottery is held August 31st to October 1st.

1 Golden Key

  • A single happy song
  • Hanoozam Dooset Daram / Shahriari – Code 100368
  • Tanham Nazar / Maghami – Code 10022
  • Ye Kari Kon / Moafi – Code: 10037
  • Dooset Daram / Hekmat – Code 10018
  • Entezar / Moghadam – Code 10020
Lottery is held July 28th to September 3rd.

20 signed albums by Hamid Asgari

  • Az Eshgh Album by Hamid Asgari
  • Mahe Man – Code 160181
  • Ideal – Code 160180
  • Khahesh Mikonam – Code 160179
Lottery is held June 2nd to July 21st.

3 gold coins

  • - Negah Album – Mohsen Yeganeh
  • - Donbalesh Miram – Code 160160
  • - Darkam Kon – Code 160168
  • - Negah – Code 160173
Lottery is held May 10th to June 10th

RighTel subscribers can activate Rinvaz service and buy selected songs in the lottery. Join the list of participants and be one of the lucky winners in this lottery. Winners will be contacted to receive their prize.
Activation: send "ON RBT" to 2020 for free
Buy: send "Rinavaz code ON" to 2030 or go to rbt.rightel.ir

The results of Lottery held on August 31st to October 1st  

The winners of one quarter gold coin
Name Surname Contact No.
Soraya Talebi 09212899***

The results of Lottery held on July 28th to September 3rd 2015  

The winners of gold key
Name Surname Contact No.
Mozhghan Zahmatkesh Aliabadi 09216294***

The results of Lottery held on June 2nd to July 21st 2015  

The winners of ablum signed by Hamid Askari
Name Surname Contact No.
Parisa Safari 09217492***
Mehdi Arabha 09215786***
Abbas Bahrami 09213755***
Fateme Taher nezhad 09215323***
Fateme Fatalipour 09215433***
Alireza Askari 09217983***
Majid Delshad Aghdam 09213736***
Sareh Pashapouri 9217957***
Ali Esfandiari 09214097***
Davoud Naderi 09215783***
Seyed Hamid Matlabi 09211809***
Mehdi Parhizkar 9210980***
Vali Amin Abadi 09213162***
Hadis Karim Pourian 09214784***
Fateme Zande Lashni 09212052***
Hashem Alboughabish 09217081***
Mahdi Fatho lahi 09211238***
Rahele Chamani 09214157***
Siamak Yousefi 09215847***
Hojjat Afshar 09214191***

The results of Lottery held on May 10th to June 10th 2015  

The winners of gold coin
Name Surname Contact No.
Morteza Abdi 09211352***
Ali Akbar Ravan 09212197***
Ebrahim Esmaiili 09213359***