Sports Magazine

Watch Attractive Sports Scenes at Any Time and Place.
RighTel recently made it possible for its subscribers to access to a collection of sports videos for the first time in Iran. They can use different devices such as mobile phones and tablets to watch the video clips even on the move.
RighTel sports service allows subscribers at any time and place to watch a series of fascinating scenes of different sports.

The advantages of this service include:

  • Access to large amounts of fascinating sport scenes and archive of Iranian competitions in different sports.
  • High quality video at a rate of 200 kilobits per second for all subscribers with different connection speeds.


  • To use sport magazine service, you shall turn on your data service.
  • Download the related android version (below). If you have already downloaded the application, only run it.
  • If your phone runs on iOS operating system, you can scan the iOS QR code (in the bottom of the page) to have direct access to this service.
  • From the list, choose a favorite movie, click on play and choose OK.
  • All subscribers of RighTel using smart phones and tablets can use this service.
  • Note that this service is not available on 3G and dongles modems.
  • This application is completely free and will soon be available for iOS smart phones and tablets.


In this service, the subscriber does not pay any cost for searching the list. The internet traffic cost is deducted after selecting the video. It costs IRR 50 per megabyte.

Android Application

Download android version of sports magazine
Manual for installation setting of application o n android.
QR code of iOS Operating System

User Manual for using QR Code of iOS
Direct Access through tablet and mobile phone

video-on-demand services, including sports magazine are new services that are provided in Iran for the first time, and may experience difficulties in the beginning. RighTel rigorous efforts aim at improving the quality of the service. So you dear subscribers, please let us know if you have any problems with the service.