Rooz-ahang service

The "Rooz-ahang" service with the cooperation and responsibility of Rahnema Co. (beep) has provided the opportunity for RighTel subscribers, by subscribing to this service, can receive popular Ri-navaz codes four times a week via SMS. RighTel subscribers can welcome their callers with the best collection of euphonious Ri-navaz.

Activating/deactivating the service

Activating and deactivating this service is free of charge. It is done as below:
Activating the service:

  • text "1" to 307070

Deactivating the service:

  • text "off" to 307070


Each SMS containing popular Ri-navaz codes, costs 1.000 IRR. (Maximum 2 SMS are sent to subscribers each weekly.)


Support and complaint Tel: 021-41957
Support working hours: every day 9:00 -23:00
Note: Since these services are provided by a sister company, for support services please call the above support center only.