Shoorangiz recharge plan

All you RighTel prepaid subscribers can get 25% more charge by purchasing Rightel Shoorangiz recharge.
Shoorangiz recharge enables you to use the following services within a specified period via your gift credit:

  • On-net Voice Call
  • On-net SMS
  • Internet Service

If you purchase Shoorangiz recharge, you will receive 25% more credit than normal. For example, if you purchased IRR 50,000 RighTel Credit in Shoorangiz Plan, you will receive more than IRR 11,000 extra credit. Therefore you will receive more than IRR 57,000 (after deducting VAT).

Credit (IRR) Total Credit (IRR) Validity of Gift Credit (Days) Validly of Main Credit (Days)
20,000 22,936 6 30
50,000 57,339 8 30
100,000 114,679 10 30
200,000 229,358 12 30
500,000 573,390 18 30
1,000,000 1,146,790 18 30

* You can purchase and use all plans and packages of Rightel via main Shoorangiz recharge.

* It is not possible to purchase package from Shoorangiz recharge gift.

* The amount and gift of Shoorangiz recharge, cannot be transferred to another subscriber.

* The extra amount will be calculated after deducting VAT from the main credit.

Methods to Purchase Shoorangiz Credit

  1. Direct Charging (without any PIN Code)
  2. Receiving the PIN Code

Purchasing RighTel PIN Code using one of the below methods. Then, use the below USSD to increase your credit: *145*PIN Code# OK
✔ RighTel Website / Credit Increase / Purchase Credit
✔ Using USSD *713# ، *780# ، *789#
✔ ATM of selected banks
✔ POS of selected banks
✔Purchase in person from Rightel stores and agencies

Inquiry of Shoorangiz Credit

To see the balance of your credit of Shoorangiz credit, use below USSD: *200*5#