SIM Card Size

RighTel Special SIM Cards in Different Sizes
Nowadays, the mobile devices' space is very important for their manufacturers and designers and they are trying to minimize these devices relevant parts to make an optimal use of their spaces. The world's top mobile phone makers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG, in their new generations use SIM cards with smaller sizes.
Currently some subscribers of mobile operators in the country punch their normal SIM card into the smaller ones, which in many cases is ruining the SIM card. In this regard, based on the fast trend of progress in the technology of smart phones and needs of users, RighTel provided its SIM Cards in different sizes including regular, Nano and dual-punch SIMs.
Buying Special SIM cards in smaller size from RighTel has no additional costs for consumers and they are provided with regular purchase price.

Regular SIM Card

RighTel regular SIM cards are the conventional SIM cards in the country, and their services are based on third generation of mobile network (3G).

Dual-punch SIM Cards

The use of new generation of mobile phones requires a suitable SIM card with smaller size. In this regard, dual-punch SIM cards (Micro / Normal) of RighTel converts Micro SIM card to normal and vice versa.
Subscribers are able to isolate the central part from the frame (adapter), and turn the SIM Card to Micro SIM Card mode and use it in all new-generation communication devices that support micro-SIM card. Also if you need to use the normal size SIM card, the isolated micro SIM card can be put in your main frame (adapter) and use it in the normal devices.

Tri-punch SIM cards (regular/micro/Nano)

RighTel Tri-punch SIM cards can be used in all communication devices with various SIM cars sizes. By isolating the central part from the frame (adapter), the SIM Card changes to Micro or Nano mode. By putting together the isolated parts the SIM card modes changes to Micro and regular.

Micro SIM Card

RighTel micro-SIM cards are 50 percent smaller than normal SIM cards. They are available and suitable for the new generation of smart devices such as:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the third generation of mobile network (3G) is available to interested users.

Nano SIM Card

RighTel, along with the latest global innovations, provides the country's first 3G/4G Nano-SIM Card. Nano SIM Card dimensions has been changed and a reduction of approximately 40% in length is seen. Also its thickness is 15% thinner than the Micro SIM card for use in devices such as:
HTC One (M9), Nokia Lumia 830, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 edge, Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, Sony Xperia Z3, iPad Air 2, Motorola Nexus 6.

The Varity of RighTel SIM Cards