Similar number

Make your communication permanent by RighTel similar number
In Similar number plan of postpaid SIM Card, purchase same number of your current SIM Card by 75% discount and only the price of 30,000 Tomans with the following starter packages of below table:

Service Internet Validity
Intenet 1 GB One 30-days period
On-net voice call 1000 Minutes One 30-days period

RighTel Advantages

  • Global coverage
  • High-speed Internet
  • The lowest tariff for services in the country
    • On-net voice call (RighTel) 333 IRR per minute
    • Off-net voice call (MCI and Irancell) 555 IRR per minute
  • Attractive and diverse packages suitable for each subscriber's need
    • Special planned packages for postpaid subscribers

How to purchase a SIM Card


  • Prior to sign up, availability of the number will be verified and if available, an SMS containing a code will be sent to the stated number from RighTel. The applicant can declare / enter the code and, if it is correct, registering and purchasing a postpaid SIM card number similar to his current SIM card number, is possible.
  • The credit limit for postpaid SIM Card is 30,000 Tomans per any billing period (two months).
  • The possibility of porting to the buyers of this product, in addition to paying all the debts at the time of the request, only with the condition of paying 90.000 Tomans (VAT exclusive), as a difference between the SIM Card prices in the current plan with the price of 120.000 Tomans for a postpaid SIM Card.

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