Similar number

Make your communication permanent by RighTel similar number
In response mobile phone subscribers' requests of the country, RighTel has presented a postpaid SIM Card with similarity to their postpaid SIM Card. Those who have postpaid SIM Card with different pre-numbers from other operators, can make their communication memorable with RighTel special suggestion, with the RighTel number. Applicants will be able to receive a similar number of their current postpaid SIM Card in the form of a SIM Card with 0920 melodic pre-number, and starter gifts, from 13 October to the end of this year. The features of the starter gifts are as follows:

Services Volume Validity
Internet 1 1 GB One period of 30 days
On-net voice call 1000 Min One period of 30 days

In this plan, for postpaid customers, 75% discount is considered for the purchase of a postpaid SIM Card, which means that only with the payment of 30,000 Tomans (excluding VAT), they will have the RighTel postpaid SIM Card similar to their current SIM Card number.
Postpaid mobile phone subscribers of other operators who are willing to take advantage of RighTel Postpaid SIM Card, can receive the same number as their current SIM Card with pre-number 0920 and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Global coverage
  • High-speed Internet
  • The lowest tariff for services in the country
  • Attractive and diverse packages suitable for each subscriber's need

How to purchase a SIM Card

Postpaid customers can apply for a RighTel postpaid SIM Card (0920) similar to their postpaid SIM Card with refer to Sign up & Purchase / Similar number plan and RighTel stores Before the registration starts, survey the number availability and if there is, an SMS sent from RighTel to the declared number that contains a code. The applicant may, with announcement / insert the code, and if the code is correct, will be able to sign up and purchase the RighTel postpaid number, similar to the current postpaid SIM Card number..


  • The credit limit for this SIM Card is 30,000 Tomans per any billing period.
  • It is possible outgoing porting to the buyers of this product, in addition to paying all the debts at the time of the request, only with the condition of paying 90.000 Tomans (VAT exclusive), as a difference between the SIM Card prices in the current plan with the price of 120.000 Tomans for a postpaid SIM Card.

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