Normal Sales of Postpaid SIM Card

RighTel postpaid SIM Cards are the first postpaid SIM Cards of the telecommunication modern generations (3G/4G) in Iran which start with 0920 prefix and offer advanced services such as video calls, high speed Internet, conference call and multi-media messaging, and other value-added services to the customers.

SIM Card's Opening Package

Buyers of postpaid SIM Cards, receive the SIM Card with price of IRR 600,000, in addition to a set of products and services from RighTel as following gifts.

Postpaid SIM card Gift
Products and services Limit of usage Validity (Days)
Voice call, SMS and MMS* Unlimited** 30 days
3G/4G internet 1GB 30 days

* These gifts are only RighTel on-net services.
** The maximum usage limit of voice calls is 10,000 minutes. The limit for SMS and MMS is 10,000.
For information about the process of receiving the gift SIM Card, refer to page Gift SIM Card Plan.

The validity of starter pack

  • Validity of all gifts is 30 days, which is calculated after the first usage of the SIM card. It should be noted that after expiry of gifts will not be usable. If you do not use SIM cards after 60 days from the date of registration, these gifts will expire.
  • After expiry of starter pack of SIM card, you can buy packages of Internet and text message packages to reduce costs.
  • Using all the gifts of the starter pack (including voice calls, SMS, and Internet) is only possible in areas covered by the new generation network of RighTel. Outside RighTel coverage, the use of basic services, including voice calls, text messages, and internet service is based on national roaming (second generation network / 2G host operators). In the latter case, the costs are in accordance with normal tariffs of RighTel network (non-package).
  • Gift package and starter packs have the highest priority over other packs, respectively.
  • To inquire about details of rules for plans and packages, subscribers can contact with customers service center.
  • In case of finishing any of the package services (voice call, traffic volume, off-peak traffic volume, SMS, etc.), other remaining services could be used until the end of the validity period.

How to Buy

Applicants can use one of the following methods to purchase SIM cards.

  • RighTel stores
  • According to the announcement of Communication Regulatory Authority organization, it is imperative for non-Iranian citizens to refer to RighTel stores or Sales & Services Dealers for sign up & purchase of RighTel SIM Cards.