Enjoy book-reading with Shelf app.
Using this attractive service, you can access to your favorite Vocal and electronic books and read them on your mobile phone or tablet. Also, this app could play the role of library or bookstore for you in which you can purchase and study your favorite books.
Shelf would allow you to access the virtual library and search for your favorite books from a various category. You can also get to know the new books in this service.

How to use this service

Shelf is available to both Android and IOS and you can download and install the latest version of Shelf app by click this link or through below links:

Shelf website

Apple ITunes

Google Play
  • Turn on your Rightel data and login to Shelf.
  • Become a member of Shelf with your Rightel number and purchase your favorite books.

Benefits of using Shelf

  • Access to virtual library anytime and anywhere.
  • Possibility of reading summary of the books before purchasing them.
  • Purchasing electronic version of the books with lower prices compared to the printed versions.
  • Easier reading by enlarging text size and increasing line spacing
  • Free download some books and journals recommended by Shelf.

Note: Since these services are provided by a partner company of Rightel, for support services please call the support center only.
Service support Tel: 021-88149813
Support center working hours: SAT to WED: 8:00 to 18:00