RighTel Social Security plan

Due to your wide acceptance from the social security plan, RighTel has launched again this plan with new conditions. Applicants those who they are insured by the Social Security and they have the identifier code (Social Security booklet) if they have not yet received a special SIM Card for insured people, can register with the insurance code and the national code in the new plan. The gifts are also given to insured persons for one year. Also, all previous subscribers of the Social Security plan can get the same gift by purchasing packages in table 1.

Starter Package
Services Usage Deadline to use at each period (day)
On-net voice call 10,000 minutes The entire 30 days
Internet 2 GB Initial 15 days at each 30-days period

Gifts of the ‘Social Security' plan

By registering for a Social Security plan, you will receive a free prepaid SIM Card with 500 MB Internet 30-days from RighTel as a member of the large social security family. In addition to this gift, you will receive 12 periods of 30-days gifts including 2GB Internet and 1000 minutes on-net voice call. The first 30-days period starts with the activation date of the SIM Card and lasts for one year (12 periods of 30 days).

How to register?

You, insured individuals by the Social Security Organization with identifier code and National ID card might take one of the following steps to receive your prepaid RighTel SIM Card:

All starter-package gifts of RighTel SIM Card, including (voice call, SMS & internet) could only be used under the areas covered by new generation RighTel mobile network. In areas non-coverage of RighTel, only basic services, including calls, SMS & national roaming-covered internet, under 2G coverage areas will be usable (as per regular, i.e., off-package, tariffs).
All presented SIM Cards are subject to Gift SIM Card plan.