Receive the following gifts in addition to enjoying a free on-net voice call by using Social Security insurance code and registering in RighTel Social Security plan:

  • Free prepaid SIM Card with 500 MB internet for 30 days
  • Each month 2GB Internet each month for one year (12 periods of 30 days) by purchasing Internet packages


10GB Gift of introducing to friends
If you are a subscriber of RighTel Social Security plan, by inviting new persons to this family you will be granted a gift. You can introduce up to 10 persons who have Social Security code to RighTel and get gift with introducing each of them.
By introducing each person, 10 GB 30 days Internet package as a gift will be activated for you.

  • 30 Days Internet Package
  • 10 GB

Thereafter, with introducing of each new subscriber (second to tenth), an unlimited Internet package will be activated with 3 hours validity.
To get this gift, the subscriber who was introduced by you, should refer to page of sign up & purchase Social Security plan and enter your RighTel number. By his/her successful sign up, the gift package will be activated for you.



Social Security Plan:

  • The first 30-days period starts from the SIM Card activation date that lasts up to one year (12 periods of 30-days).
  • In the case of purchasing via My RighTel application, E-Care and direct purchase via website, the gift package with Internet package will be activated immediately, and in the case of purchasing through other methods, it will be activated at maximum 24 hours.
  • When the gift package is activated, do not purchase package again because it is not possible of assigning two gift packages at the same time in this plan. In the case of tendency to benefit from your purchased gifts, after gift package is finished, purchase and activate new package.
  • Subscribers who have received the social security package in the previous plan will not be able to receive the SIM Card again in this plan. Starter packages can only be purchased once by any Unique National ID / Social security code..
  • You can register and purchase the SIM Card only once. If you register and receive more than one SIM Card in the current plan, then the second SIM Card will not be provided with the package of this plan.
  • If you purchase long-term packages (90-days and more) in each 30-days period, only the gift volume of that 30-day period package that you have purchased will be activated for the same 30-days period.
  • For information about using packages rules, go to the Postpaid and Prepaid packages page.
  • Rules and regulations details of plans and packages are available via contact customer service center.