Voice call package

Special for prepaid & postpaid SIM Cards
If you are among those people who are prepaid & postpaid SIM Cards and who use from on-net or off-net voice call among communication services, you can purchase voice call package and reduce your communication costs safely.

Package Name Usage Validity Price (Rials) * USSD
500 min offnet voice call 500 minutes 1 month 170,000 *200*2020#

* The price is tax-free.

You can use following methods to purchase and activate the voice call package for prepaid & postpaid SIM Cards:

  1. Purchase via RighTel website / Home page purchasing package
  2. Purchase via account management system
  3. RighTel stores
  4. Refer in-person to RighTel dealers


  • Off-net voice call include calls to other operators inside the country and landlines at the time of the presence of RighTel network.
  • It is not possible to make an outgoing voice call inside the national roaming and international roaming range, with the above mentioned package and its tariff will be in accordance with free tariffs
  • There is no possibility of making international voice calls with this package and international call tariff will be in accordance with normal tariffs.
  • Gift and starter packages are the highest priority for use with other packages, respectively.
  • Details of the rules and regulations of plans and packages are available via contact with the customer service center.
  • If you have completed any of the services in the package (voice call, normal traffic volume, traffic volume in off-peak hours, SMS, etc.), you can use other package services until the end of its validity period.