18 Years Old Gift

18 Years Old Gift

6 Months of free Internet, voice calls and SMS only for 18 years old
Those young people who reach the age of 18 till 2018 October, can register in this plan after their 18th birthday and give special gifts. Also this plan includes those who was born in 1998, which reached the age of 18 years but they didn't receive their gift.
In this plan will be given gift to subscribers, RighTel prepaid SIM Card with 6 months free services of new generation communication.

Gifts of Plan

  • Free prepaid SIM Card
    • 6000 minutes free voice call
    • 6000 free SMS
    • 1200 MB Free Internet
  • SIM Gift Cards *

* In addition to the provided SIM Card and its starter package gifts, if you activate and use your SIM Card, you will receive also, other prepaid or data SIM Card as a gift with your selection and give it to your friends or family.

Gifts of each 30-days period (for 6 months)

Starter package gifts of prepaid SIM Card, special for this plan as presented in the below table, can be used in the 6th period of 30-days.

Services Gift of each period (for 6 months)
On-net voice call 1000 minutes
On-net SMS 1000 pcs
Internet 3G / 4G 200 MB

✔  Validity Period of all gifts in each period is 30 days after the start of the period and it is calculated after the first usage of the SIM Card.
✔  Gifts of any 30-days period are for the same period and are not transferable to the next period.
✔  Gift packages and starter packages have the highest priority over other packages.
✔  Details of the rules and regulations of plans and packages are available through contact with the customer service center.
✔  If you have completed any of the services in the package (voice call, internet traffic, off-peak traffic volume, SMS and etc.) you can use other package services until the end of its validity period.
✔  To enjoy 4G internet services subscribers do not need to change their SIM Cards but they should be in 4G coverage areas with their mobile phone 4G configuration activated.

Qualified Persons

  • Those who are born from March 20, 1996 to March 20, 1997 and also those who are born from March 21, 1997 to January 20, 1998 may register until January 20 to receive their 18 years old special gift from RighTel.
  • The qualified persons may only register in this plan once, if any person older than 18 register in this plan, he/she will receive no SIM Card.

Method of Registration

According to the announcement of Communication Regulatory Authority organization, it is imperative for non-Iranian citizens to refer to RighTel stores or Sales & Services Dealers for sign up & purchase of RighTel SIM Cards.
In case of attending to RighTel stores ،a valid ID card (National ID Card) and its copy is necessary.