Fourth generation 4G

If you want to watch a full-HD movie, online and without disconnecting ...
If you want to run all kinds of files without interruption...
If you want the fastest internet on your mobile phone or tablet have...
Use RighTel 4G

There is no need to pay extra for changing the SIM card or activating it to use the 4th generation cellular network (4G). Just sit in the RighTel fourth-generation (4G) coverage area and enable the 4G / LTE option on your phone or tablet, and enjoy speed & quality of RighTel 4th generation without need for any complicated and time-consuming setting.

Features and capabilities of different smartphones and tablets on the smart life page. You can find (4G) support by searching for your device model.
To ensure 4th generation 4G RighTel support in your area, visit the 4G coverage area.

Fourth generation mobile phones and tablets Covered areas of the fourth generation
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