About RighTel

A Newly-Emerged Hub of Iran's Telecommunications
In 2007, RighTel Co. was established to get involved in the field of ICT, presenting services as diversified as intelligent cards technology, organizational portals, data transfer, and hardware supplying.
In 2010, RighTel, in advancing the scope of its activities, managed to obtain the required permits to be introduced as the third telecommunications operator in the country with a two-year exclusivity to provide 3G services, in addition to 2G ones. Presently, RighTel is exerting its best efforts to have a quick entrance into the Iranian telecommunication market, introducing itself as the customer-oriented and innovator operator among other rivals.
Social Security Investment Co., which is responsible for managing investments of around 30 million SSO policyholders, has right from the beginning placed RighTel under its supporting coverage as one of its affiliates with commitment to invest in new-fangled industries that bring about a maximized revenues for its beneficiaries.


Promotion of Iranians' Lives
Making attempts to open new horizons into the field of communications, RighTel is seeking to embrace opportunities for experiences and advances in telecommunications via its exciting and intelligent—while simplified—services for the Iranians. RighTel is hopeful that its new, simple services will bring about promotion of Iranians' lives, followed by elevated degrees of their effectiveness and satisfaction.


By providing advanced and exciting services with easy-to-use application, RighTel promises a drastic change toward betterment of life for the Iranians. Committing itself to serve as a driving force in quality of Iranians' lives, RighTel believes that such a mission will not be achieved before new services are presented: the services that combine excitement and simplicity of application at the same time.


RighTel lives up to the following four values:
Intimacy: customer-oriented and commitment
Ethics: reliance and transparency
Competency: quality and innovation
Excitement: vanguard and dynamicity


Believes that these are qualities and competencies of its employees that guarantee its success
Provide professional development
Yearning to press on with its growth for years
RighTel commits itself to development of technology
Provides an appropriate workplace for efficiency, creativity and innovation
Tries to be changed to the best of its kind.