Mass SMS & value added services management

All of RighTel subscribers can manage their mass SMS & value added services as following ways:

  1. Using of My RighTel app
    It is possible to view and manage the activation & deactivation of mass SMS & value added services in "My RighTel app" using the "mass SMS & value added services management" menu.
  2. Send empty sms to 800 or 195
  3. After dialing USSD code *800# or *195#following options are displayed:
    • Active Services
      Shows all active SMS services.
    • Discontinuing content services
      Receive content-based alerts (services that are deducted from subscriber credit for receiving SMS). The registration of these services is done only by subscriber request, and the RighTel communication services will not be active without subscriber request.
    • Discontinued advertising
      It apply for deactivation and prevention of receive advertising SMS, sending from message centers such as (100012345 and 3000012345) and similar numbers. (RighTel communication services co. does not send any advertising messages without subscriber request.)
    • Advertising from the personal line
      By selecting option 4, subscriber can report the person who sent SMS to him to disconnect messages from the announced number after confirmation by operator.
      • If you select any of the above options, Receive subscriber bank SMS, will not change.