Postpid SIM Card

RighTel Data SIM Card with 0921 prefix is specifically programmed for text messaging and high speed connectivity.
Instances of using RighTel Data SIM cards:

  • A variety of third-generation modems (dongles and RiFi)
  • A variety of modern generation tablets
  • PCs and portable computers
  • All devices with capability of connecting to the RighTel network

RighTel Data SIM Card offers various internet speeds and allows subscribers to connect to high speed connectivity even on the move.
For information on compatible phones or tablets with 3G/4G technology, visit smart life.


  • To enjoy 4G internet services, subscribers do not need to change their SIM Cards but they should be in 4G coverage areas with their mobile phone 4G configuration activated.
  • All of the RighTel services are only available inside RighTel 3G/4G network coverage areas. In areas outside RighTel coverage, it is possible to use basic services including voice calls, SMS and internet services, under 2G network coverage of host operators. This way the charges are based on RighTel normal tariffs. For more information on starter package of Data SIM Cards visit here.
  • For more information refer to Data SIM Card plans page.
  • RighTel Data SIM cards are provided in regular, Nano and dual-punch and 3-punch sizes for various devices. For more information, visit SIMs Size page.

For more information on starter package of Data SIM cards visit here.

Data Tariff

Tariff for Data SIM Card services are shown in the table below.

Normal Tariff of Data SIM Cards
Services Fee Price (IRR)
Persian SMS IRR / SMS 89
English SMS IRR / SMS 220
3G/4G Internet IRR / kilobyte 0.5
2G Internet in National Roaming Mode * IRR / kilobyte 0.5

* In 2G network coverage , quality of services is in accordance with the level of service quality of the host operator. Thus, the Internet service in these areas shall be in accordance with features of the GPRS / EDGE (2G) Internet.
To enjoy 4G internet services, subscribers do not need to change their SIM Cards but they should be in 4G coverage areas with their mobile phone 4G configuration activated.

Note: Consumption of normal traffic volume (in the form of a package or normal tariff) for visiting and using native services and products whose listed in native traffic page, is included tariff reduction of 50%, in the other words per any unit of internal traffic consumption is half the normal tariff of your subscriber account. When using data services in the form of a purchased package, use of both units of internal traffic is equivalent to one unit. It should be noted that the use of Internet service on international websites continues to be a regular tariff. You can get more information about native and international traffic on the native traffic page.
For more information on basic services tariffs of other rightel SIM Cards and comparing them, click here.

Purchasing Internet and SMS Packages

Rightel Data subscribers may use one of the below methods to purchase Internet and SMS Packages:

Recharge methods

Rightel Data subscribers can increase their airtime by purchasing recharge vouchers or e-charge.


RighTel e-charge is provided in various denominations as shown in the following table. Rightel Data subscribers may purchase the recharge vouchers that suit them best.

E-charge Price
Retail price (IRR) VAT inclusive price (IRR)
10,000 9,174
20,000 18,349
50,000 45,872
100,000 91,743
200,000 183,486
500,000 458,716
1,000,000 917,431
  • Prices are calculated based on IRR.
  • Credit is calculated from the time of entering the password

Recharge via recharge voucher

Data subscribers can purchase recharge vouchers from any of Rightel dealers.

Voucher Price
Retail price (IRR) VAT inclusive price (IRR)
20,000 18,349
50,000 45,872
100,000 91,743
200,000 183,486

Electronic recharge methods

Rightel prepaid subscribers can use the two following methods to purchase e-charge vouchers:

Purchasing e-charge vouchers

  1. Rightel prepaid subscribers may refer to recharge section on rightel website and purchase their desired airtime. In this method a PIN Code is provided for subscribers and they should dial *141*PIN# to increase their airtime. For more information on validity and price of e-charge airtime refer to e-charge price and validity table.
  2. RighTel e-charge can also be purchased from following centers

Direct top-up

  1. RighTel prepaid subscribers may refer to direct top-up page to purchase airtime without any need to log in to Account Management System (E-care). In direct top-up, the purchased airtime is directly (no need to enter a PIN code) added to subscriber's credit. Using SHETAB Cards, Subscribers may purchase airtime worth of IRR 10,000 to IRR 2,000,000 and any multiple of IRR 100.
  2. RighTel prepaid subscribers may refer to the Account Management System (E-Care), to benefit from its various services and directly purchase airtime via SHETAB cards without the need to enter a PIN code.
  3. Prepaid subscribers may also dial USSDs of authorized centers that are contract parties with Rightel to purchase airtime.
  4. RighTel prepaid subscribers, you can increase your credit via direct top-up with dialing 200 from the RighTel lines and dialing 092020000000 from other lines through connecting to IVR system and using shetab cards and internet bank.

E-charge Sale and distribution centers

Rightel prepaid subscribers can use any Shetab Cards to refer to ATMs Internet banking, mobile bank, telephone banking, websites, web-kiosks, VTMs, POSs and USSDs of companies and banks that are contract parties to Rightel and purchase e-charge vouchers.

Rightel authorized e-charge sellers
Eghtesad Novin
Post Bank
Tose_e Taavon
Mehr Iran
Beh Pardakht Mellat
Saman electronic payment
Pasargad electronic payment
Tejarat Electronic Parsian
SADAD informatics for Bank Meli
Parsian easy payment
Mabna Card Aria
Sadad Electronic Payment (Meli Bank)

Dear subscribers,
Please note that Rightel can only carry out the follow-up of airtime purchases that are done via Rightel electronic distributors.

Shoorangiz Charge

RighTel prepaid subscribers may use Shoorangiz Charge and enjoy 35% gift airtime.Validity of the gift credit depends on the amount of credit purchased. For more information, refer to Shoorangiz Charge page.

Data USSD Codes

USSD Description
*144# Account Report
*145*PIN Code# Shoorangiz Sharging
*146# View Credit Shoorangiz
*141*PIN code# Normal Charging
*140# View credit
*133# credit Transfer Service
*211# SIM card inquiry

Life Cycle of Data SIM Card

Row Status Description
1 Deactivated At the time of purchase, SIM Card is not activated.
2 Active After first call, internet connection, SMS, MMS or first recharge, SIM Card is activated.
3 One Way block If the amount of credit its validity is expired, the SIM card will become one-way blocked mode. In this mode the SIM cards can only receive voice calls, video calls SMS and MMS. Rightel one-way blocked SIM cards can contact RighTel Call Center and emergency numbers. If subscribers recharge SIM card the one way mode will be deactivated.
4 Complete Deactivation If the one way block mode remains for 180 continuous days, it will be totally deactivated. It means that all of the services are deactivated for the subscriber. If subscribers recharge their SIM Card the two-way blocked mode will be deactivated.
5 Expired If total Deactivation mode remains for 365 continuous days, or if the newly purchased SIM Card is not activated within 365 days, the SIM Card and the number will be expired. After expiration of the SIM Card, the subscriber shall refer to one of the RighTel dealer and pay the price of SIM Card within 3 years and the SIM Card will be activated again.
6 recycled If the SIM card remains for 3 continuous years in expired status, SIM card may be recycled and it will be sold to a 3rd party.