Dongle (mobile modem) USB

By putting a SIM Card into the Dongle and connecting the dongle to the USB port of PCs, subscribers may benefit from Rightel high speed connectivity and its services anytime and anywhere, even on the move. Using a dongle does not require complicated and time-consuming settings.

Current Subscribers  

Current subscribers of Rightel can refer to account management system (e-care) or Rightel stores to purchase 3G or 4G Rightel dongles. The 3G dongle is available at a price of 950,000 IRR and the 4G dongle is available at a price of 2,000,000 IRR.
* The above prices are VAT exclusive.
For more information on Data SIM card and dongle, refer to "Data SIM card" order page.
For more information on how to use a dongle, visit dongle usage manual page.

New Subscribers  

If you want to join the family RighTel and be a new subscriber of RighTel, you can use the following options that suit your needs, buy the best packages and enjoy. This package includes a dongle, data SIM card and RighTel internet packages.
According to the announcement of Communication Regulatory Authority organization, it is imperative for non-Iranian citizens to refer to RighTel stores or Sales & Services Dealers for sign up & purchase of RighTel SIM Cards.


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