Dr. Mizaj application

First online mood meter app with facial analysis
The "Dr. Mizaj "service with the cooperation and responsibility of TAAMASRAR Institute is designed with the aim of introducing and educating mood metering, developing this science as well as providing a prelude to Iranian-Islamic traditional medicine in order to overhaul Iranian life style and paving the way to sustained health.

How to use Dr. Mizaj

  • Dr. Mizaj is currently an android-exclusive application. You can download and install the latest version of the Dr.Mizaj Android app through the following icon.

  • After installing Dr. Mizaj application, create a user account. (state your RighTel number at this stage)
  • Purchase mood meter package from "purchasing a package" menu. In this stage, cost of the package is deducted from your SIM Card credit.
  • After purchasing a package, tap "mood meter" to provide required information such as height, wrist size, etc. and receive your mood results.
  • Full instructions on how to use Dr. Mizaj application is available at rightel.drmizaj.com

    Note: in all of the above-mentioned stages, internet connection is required.


Installing Dr. Mizaj App and creating a user account is free of charge. To run an online mood metering with this application, packages must be purchase.


Service support number: 09195101068
Support center working hours: SAT to WED: 8:00 to 20:00
Note: Since this service is provided by a sister company of RighTel, for support services please call the above support center only.