Handling Modem Problems

RighTel subscribers will be able to resolve the problem in the event of any problems with their RighTel modem:

  1. Refer to the dongle usage guide and the Ri-fi usage guide pages.
  2. If the problem persists, contact the call center numbers.
  3. Enter problem in the account management system
  4. In-person attendance at the sales Centers and the RighTel Service, if you need to check the modem in person

Items that do not include modem switching:

  1. Check out the warranty period.
  2. Apply any changes to the software or hardware lock of the device
  3. Failure due to the installation of unauthorized software or due to viral contamination
  4. Impact of corrosion, fracture, moisture, irrigation or opening and closing the machine for repair outside of authorized centers.
  5. Apply any changes to the tags on the back of the device.
  6. Changing the physical state of parts due to inappropriate use
  7. Failure due to voltage change, use of non-standard accessories and etc.


  • Providing in-person non-attendance services to modem problems is reserved for people who have been requested to send their modem for review to RighTel after contacting the RighTel Subscribers Service Center and obtaining a follow-up code.
  • In case of need to send a defective modem, it is required that the subscriber, after completing the "Modem Problem Handling" from , copies it with a copy of the national ID, a copy of the SIM Card document, a copy of the purchase invoice (if any), and the modem card with the accessories Such as a charger, send the head office ofTehran's RighTel via a post office.