National Roaming

Access to RighTel Services all over Iran
For the first time in Iran, RighTel establishes a national roaming with assistance of domestic operators. It has also provided a complete national coverage on all roads in Iran.
Using national roaming, all RighTel subscribers can enjoy basic services including voice call, SMS and the Internet of other operators (second generation) in areas outside the coverage of RighTel.
RighTel subscribers benefit from the most widespread mobile network coverage in the country.
vIn the case of roaming, quality of service provided to RighTel subscribers is in accordance with the level of service quality of the host operator. Thus, the Internet service in these areas is in accordance with features of the Internet GPRS / EDGE (second generation).


  • To activate this service, subscriber need to select the "Network Mode" settings in the device and for selecting (3G) Network, put the network Status on WCDMA (preferred)/GSM or Dual Mode and for selecting (LTE) network, the LTE (preferred)/WCDMA/GSM or (LTE) recommended. With re-entry to the areas covered by the RighTel network, in a short time, the RighTel network register on the device again.
    If there is no automatic search, you can search manually and register on one of the existing networks.
  • To deactivate the service, subscribers need to select the "Network Mode" settings in the device and put the Network Status on "Only WCDMA" or "Only 3G" or select RighTel network manually.
  • For more information, please visit the Manual for Activation and Deactivation of the International Roaming Service.
  • Making an international call by dialing 020 is not possible on national roaming mode.
  • All USSD codes can be used in the National Roaming mode.

Using Internet Service

In order to use Internet service on roaming mode, you need use RighTel Internet Options on the device, and Data Roaming option shall be activated. It should be noted that using the third-generation modems of RighTel, only is applicable with mobile broadband services (third generation) so accessing GPRS / EDGE (second generation) via third-generation modems of RighTel on roaming mode is not possible


The service is enabled for all RighTel subscribers. The cost of voice calls and SMS services for subscribers on roaming tariffs is in accordance with normal network of RighTel (non-package). The cost of Internet service on roaming mode is IRR 0.35 per KB. It should be noted that using RighTel services in the form of packages and plans, are subject to your presence on the RighTel network.