Special offer to choose your prepaid SIM Card

In the Plan for Selection of your SIM card number, you can purchase a prepaid RighTel SIM card under following conditions:

Your SIM card number

In this plan, you are able to purchase your desired SIM card number with the same starter packages at the regular price. Prepaid RighTel SIM cards begin with +989222 and +989224. In addition to the SIM card with your desired number, following starter-package services come along:

Starter packages of prepaid SIM cards coming with your prepaid SIM card
Packages Active for
Internet (for each period) Calls (for each period) SMS (for each period) **Total Price
Prepaid SIM card + 7GB gift internet 7 7 - - 41,284
Prepaid SIM card + a gift credit of 45,000 Rials 30 - - - 41,284
Starter package I One period of 30 days 500MB 10,000 minutes of on-net calls 10،000 * 41,284
Starter package II Three periods of 30 days 100MB *** 120 minutes of on- and off-net calls 120 SMS 230,000
Starter package III One period of 90 days 1.5GB *** 300 minutes of on- and off-net calls 300 SMS 330,000
Starter package IV Twelve periods of 30 days 100MB *** 100 minutes of on- and off-net calls 100 SMS 430,000
Starter package V Six periods of 30 days 500MB *** 10,000 minutes of on-net calls 10,000 SMS * 530,000
Starter package VI One period of 180 days 3GB *** 30,000 minutes of on-net calls 30,000 SMS * 630,000
Starter package VII Six periods of 30 days - 500 minutes of on- and off-net calls - 840,000

* These packages only include on-net SMS (Note: none of packages have limitations in sending SMS with Persian and/or English languages).
** VAT amounts have not been taken into account in calculation of SIM card prices.
*** Consumption of your SIM card data for those products and services which are listed on the page for local traffic will be subject to a discount of 50 percent. In other words, you will be charged half of your normal fee when you visit a local service. Upon package tariff, likewise, you will be charged only one unit as for two units of local data consumption. It is important to note that data usage for international websites and services will be metered based on regular tariff.
For more information on local and intentional traffics, visit here.

  • All starter packages are offered with a prepaid SIM card.
  • Gift packages and starter packages are respectively the highest in order of being consumed. You, consequently, should pay vigilant attention to expiry date of starter packages and their remaining data allowance.
  • In the event that the services (voice calls, regular internet traffic, off-peak internet traffic, SMS, etc.) in your package are terminated, you can make use of other services in the package up to the deadline thereof.
  • Off-net calls are those calls made to users of other carriers and landline numbers in the country.
  • Starter packages only include services within RighTel network. Application of RighTel services inside national and international roaming will be subject to the carrier's tariffs.
  • You are cordially asked to call RighTel Subscribers Services Center to get informed of regulations dominant on plans and packages.


  • VAT amounts have not been taken into account in calculation of SIM card prices.
  • All gifts will be valid for 30 days, the time interval which will start from your first application from your SIM card. After this period is elapsed, gifts will not be applicable any longer.
  • All users of prepaid subscriptions will be liable for reception of a data or gift prepaid SIM card. For more information on the manner how to receive your gift SIM card, please click here.
  • Without the need to replace your SIM card, you can make use of 4G internet services by positioning in 4G coverage areas and activating 4G settings on your device at all RighTel plans.
  • All RighTel services will be activated only in 3G and 4G coverage areas. In areas outside the RighTel coverage, only basic services, including calls, SMS, and national roaming-covered internet, under 2G coverage areas will be usable (as per regular, i.e., off-package, tariffs).
    • How to purchase a SIM card with a desired number:
      1. Referring to RighTel stores
    • How to purchase a SIM card with a random number:
      If your SIM card number does not matter for you, you can choose one of the starter packages cited in above table and purchase your prepaid SIM card through one of the following ways:
      1. Referring to RighTel stores
      2. Referring to one of RighTel sales and services centers.
      3. According to the announcement of Communication Regulatory Authority organization, it is imperative for non-Iranian citizens to refer to RighTel stores or Sales & Services Dealers for sign up & purchase of RighTel SIM Cards.