Ri-Amooz Plan

wealth or science? Which one is better
Teach, Learn and Earn Money
By registering in Ri-Amooz Plan, subscribers should forget traditional education and the problem of attending the classroom. RighTel provides you a possibility to learn, teach or both anytime and anywhere on any device by using RighTel SIM Cards.

What is Ri-Amooz?

As a pioneer in the introduction of third-generation telecommunications technology, RighTel admitted to convert the traditional bilateral relationship between operator and Subscriber to the tripartite relationship between the operator, subscriber and service providers. In this way, companies and the producers offer their contents through RighTel new Generation Network. On this basis, the possibility to benefit from hundreds of training courses as well as the possibility of virtual teaching plan in the Ri-Amooz plan is available. In Ri-Amooz plan, in addition to the possibility to use and participate in courses, you can provide specialized teaching in your field of study and earn some money.
Ri-Amooz SIM Card of RighTel is an exclusive method of access to virtual system of training and knowledge-based learning project in form of Hope National Plan that is held by The Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran.
The plan is based on modern methods of training on virtual space and using the new tools of information technology to encourage the knowledge-based entrepreneurship, and promoting public awareness about the society and culture around business training and employment opportunities.
Valid certificates are special advantages for enthusiasts who wish to study and take this opportunity to improve their organization and career.

Why do we Purchase Ri-Amooz Plan?

  • Take part in hundreds of courses
    • opportunity to acquire knowledge
    • using monetary credit to participate in various training courses:
      • Educational credentials equal to IRR 470,000 for taking part in approved training courses by Technical and Vocational Organization of Iran and IT Development Center
    • Take part in international courses such as TOEFL, MOS, IC3 and dozens of other courses
    • to assess the level of learning during each period
  • earning money by teaching (up to IRR 25,000,000 per month)
    • opportunity to share skills and earn money
    • using credit for the course in which you have skills of teaching
      • credits for teaching courses up to the value of IRR 3,120,000
  • Ability to adapt training courses schedule to the daily work schedule
  • Take advantage of educational videos, raise questions and get answers, take part in various tests
  • Receiving one RighTel Prepaid SIM Card for free
  • Listening to the teacher or classmates with the aim of question and answer via connecting to Rightel IVR
  • Receiving Valid Course Certification (National and International)*

The main Departments of education and the full list of courses is available in www.iranlms.ir

* It should be noted that each of the courses held in the plan are in cooperation with the most prestigious educational centers (Technical and Vocational Organization, leading universities and other valid educational establishments).

Who may buy Ri-Amooz?

Ri-Amooz for new Subscribers 

Those who are interested in learning can register RighTel Ri-Amooz plan by paying IRR 41,284 in addition to receiving a prepaid SIM card, from IRR 470,000 credit for educational courses and IRR 3,120,000 credit for teaching the course:
Refer to www.iranlms.ir plan registration

Services / Products Price (IRR)
RighTel Prepaid SIM Card 41,284
Starter Credit* 20,000
Gift for Registration in Training Courses 470,000
Gift for Registration in Teaching Courses 3.120.000
Free Access to Training System (IVR) 30,000
Total Value of Package and SIM Card 3,690,000
Cost of E-Book 49,000
Post Cost 50,000
Payable Amount after Discount ** 41,284

* The initial credit applicable for all services inside and outside of RighTel network is 30-days
** Prices are VAT inclusive

  • Using all the gifts of the starter pack (including voice calls, SMS, and Internet) is only possible in areas covered by the new generation network of RighTel. Outside RighTel coverage, the use of basic services, including voice calls, text messages, and internet service is based on national roaming (second generation network / 2G host operators). In the latter case, the costs are in accordance with normal tariffs of RighTel network (non-package).

Using Educational Credit

  1. Visit www.iranlms.ir then sign in the plan, and register.
  2. After entering class through www.iranlms.ir log in to your account using your ID and password (which you received during the registration process), in the corresponding field and enter the educational system.
  3. Choose any of the options among the training and teaching courses. You can use your allocated credit on the plan and benefit from its advantages.
  4. Help is at your disposal in the same area.

Teaching the Course 

There is a personal page for each user where he/she can teach a course in his/her expertise to earn money. In order to do this, users should in the training portal choose teaching a course. In this section, user's resume, curriculum of the course and schedule of classes can be uploaded.

  • After being uploaded, the resume is assessed by a group of instructors from credible educational centers. In case training capability of the user is verified, he/she is informed and a teaching code is assigned to him/her.
  • The following options are available to users:
    • Uploading course curriculum and pamphlet
    • Providing question bank
    • Carrying out surveys
    • Announcing course tuition and schedule
    • Etc.
  • Informing learners and holding the classes is up to the user.
  • User manual is also provided in this section.

Training Courses 

In this section users (trainees) can choose to attend either web-based training courses or virtual training courses. Web-based training software

Web-based training software
Learners can register in any of the courses shown in the table they wish to attend. To do so:

  • Click register as shown in the table and carry on through the registration process
  • Install the educational software sent along with your SIM Card package on your PC
  • After installation, click on the software icon. a window (image #2) is shown.
  • In this window, subscribers can click on icons relevant with the training course to enter the course.

Virtual training courses
Learners can register in any of the courses shown in the table they wish to attend. To do so, learners should click on register as shown in image #1. (to take part in virtual training course there is no need to install the educational software.)

Important notice

  • Purchasing a prepaid SIM card for Ri-Amooz plan doesn't entitle the subscriber to Gift SIM card. For more information visit gift SIM card plan.
  • a valid certificate is issued on the condition that the course is successfully passed. Names of the issuing centers vary based on the courses selected. For more information visit www.iranlms.ir.

Educational Support: 021-42517