The "Record" service, with the cooperation and responsibility of Rahnama Kamyaban Co. has launched a music service on the mobile-based network. The Record has the ability to play online music that allows users to search their favorite music from a many songs in a variety of styles and with free traffic. It's worth mentioning that this application is provided exclusively for RighTel SIM Cards subscribers

Activating /deactivating the service

  • Activating:
    text 1 to 303051
  • Deactivating:
    text "off" to 303051

How to get the application

Currently, this service is available for an Android version and you can download and install directly the latest version of "Record" music application via below link.

    Direct download

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How to use the service

  • After receiving the application, enter with your RighTel SIM Card Internet.
  • Enter your RighTel number and select "sign up" option.
  • On the SMS screen, select Send option. (The number 303051 has been entered in the message recipient section and the number 1 as a text message by default).
  • After receiving the response, enter number 2 to final confirmation for subscription in the "Record" service.
  • Enter the received confirmation code in the specified section of the application.
  • Enter the application and enjoy the rich content of service.

Service cost

The subscription cost for a "Record" application is daily 3000 IRR.


Service support and complaint number: 02141957
Support center working hours: SAT to WED: 9:00 ~ 23:00

Dear subscriber, since this service is provided by a partner company of RighTel, you should call the above support center only for support services.