RighTel modern Generation Modems

RighTel Data SIM card provides high-speed connectivity, data transmission services as well as text messaging services. The SIM card can be used in a variety of third-generation modems, PCs, portable computers, tablets, USB modems and any smart device that can connect to a 3G/4G network. RighTel Data SIM cards and modems are the best choice for those who want to enjoy high speed connectivity in their mobile phones and other devices such as PC at any time and place with competitive costs.
The most important feature of RighTel data SIM card compared to other RighTel SIM Cards is the various Internet packages it offers, allowing subscribers to enjoy more diverse traffic volumes and more cost-effective tariffs. Subscribers can purchase the most suitable package according to their needs.

RighTel Postpaid, Prepaid and Data SIM Cards Subscribers can purchase RighTel Ri-Fi modem as well. Ri-Fi is a small pocket size device which is turned to a portable wireless modem by inserting a RighTel SIM card in it and can provide Internet connectivity for multiple users simultaneously. In case several users are simultaneously connected the bandwidth is divided among them. By inserting a RighTel SIM card in the Ri-Fi modem, the device works as a wireless modem. In this case, modem is visible in Wi-Fi list of any wireless capable device. Users may easily access high speed connectivity by selecting RI-Fi in the list and entering the password to connect to the internet. Any Wi-Fi enabled device such as mobile phones, PC, tablet and portable computers can connect to Ri-Fi.
Due to its compact size and light weight, users can easily carry it everywhere and always stay connected to wireless broadband.

Ri-Fi features are as follows

  • Easy and fast battery charging via computer's USB port and other devices
  • Connectivity between 8 to 10 users simultaneously, depending on the modem type
  • Easy and fast internet connection
  • Text support feature

For information on how to use the Ri-Fi, refer to Guide on Using Dongle.