Rightel riPhone


Experience smart and inexpensive communication with the Riphone, this year's Arbaeen
On the occasion of Arbaeen Hosseini and in order to facilitate your communication, dear pilgrims, RighTel has provided a new service on the mobile Internet, which will allow you to make smart and inexpensive communications for you RighTel subscribers in Iraq. The purpose of the Riphone service is extension of RighTel services and to benefit subscribers during the Arbaeen days of the cheapest call tariffs. Riphone is an application for making voice calls through any internet-connected data network, allowing its users to easily connect with all their friends and relatives. This app has the ability to make voice calls and is currently installed on Android mobile devices and tablets.

Benefits of Riphone

Riphone services are more than your expectation from a desirable app, and in addition to the ability to send and share text, photos, videos and more, it also offers you the following features.
✓ Talk to your friends and also dear ones who do not have Riphone, at the cheapest tariffs. (Call out)
✓ Even when your SIM Card is out of the network or off / out of the device, you will still receive your incoming calls via Riphone.
❖ Download and install the Riphone app.

Download Riphone

How to install and use Riphone  

To having Riphone, just follow these steps:

❖ After downloading and installing the application, start using the activation of the app and create an account using your own RighTel SIM Card.

Choose the install option. Open the application and to turn the help pages.
After entering RighTel number, the window will be displayed in order to confirm the entered number. To confirm the validation code and verify the number entered, select "Confirmation" and select "Edit" to correct the number.

After selecting the "Confirmation" option, the activation code is sent from the sent SMS and automatically identified by the application. By entering the incoming code and log in to application, you have a Riphone and you can enjoy the pleasure of making economic calls in addition to enjoying all the services of this app.

The Riphone dial is shown in this image.
Riphone with ability of voice call has made it possible for the user to make a desirable call by entering the number of all local lines, such as RighTel, mobile operator lines and landlines.

The cost of using Riphone Service

You have a Riphone and your contact has also installed Riphone  

You have a Riphone, but your contact has not installed the Riphone  

Using this service is possible if you have Wi-Fi internet access anywhere.
If you do not have access to the free Wi-Fi service, cost of using the Internet service is in accordance with the tariffs of the Internet service provider operator.