The Stadium

If you like football's excitement, the Stadium is a new experience certainly. The "Stadium "service with cooperation and responsibility of Avatosee Co. for the first time in the country has provided the opportunity for RighTel subscribers, can view a summary of all European valid leagues games, Premier League and FA Cup via this service.

Activating and deactivating the service

  • Activating:
    text 1 to 307021
  • Deactivating
    text "off" to 307021

How to get the application

This service is available in both Android and the web, and you can download and install the latest version of the "Stadium" application through

How to use the service

  • After subscribing and activating the service, download and install the "Stadium" application.
  • Enter via your RighTel SIM Card Internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Enter your RighTel number and select "Send" and wait for the sent code via SMS.
  • After entering the received code and selecting the "Login" option, you can use the features of this program.

Service cost

The subscription cost for a "Stadium" application is daily 3000 IRR, with a subscription period of 6 months.


Service support and complaint number: 021-26414070
SAT to WED: 9:00 ~ 18:00
Note: Dear subscriber, since this service is provided by a partner company of RighTel, you should call the above support center only for support services.