Virtual Fair

Virtual Exhibition

Experience the joy of Virtual Exhibition with RighTel.
Subscribers can get to know outstanding RighTel services in Virtual Exhibition RighTel introduces a variety of services and products in Virtual Exhibition. Visitors can get to know some Value added services and use them in the Virtual Exhibition.
RighTel Virtual Exhibition is currently dedicated to books and book-reading products and services such as "donyaye shirine nabat", "headline", "book café" and "Shelf".

How to use this service

  • Use web browser to visit virtual exhibition
  • Move your mobile phone and visit RighTel Virtual Exhibition different booths.
  • To separately access details of services presented in the fair, you should click RighTel logo.
  • You can return to the starting point by clicking RighTel logo at the center of exhibition.


It is free of charge to visit RighTel Virtual Exhibition. Using internet to visit the exhibition does not deduct credit.